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We would like to offer you, and your company an effecitve solution aganist the most cardinal problem of delivery and transport.

The SILT gas calp calmp can be viewed in our website’s galery.

This security lock has been developed for the protection of the gasoline tanks of different types of trucks against hacking and thieving.

According to the observations, the most thefts of gas oil  happens  at the rest area of the trucks, parking lots, and also at the sites.  For the latter, usually the  porters and security guards are the perpetrators.

The Silt clamp prevents unauthorized access to the tank cap and the contents of the tank, the diesel, gasoline.

The material of the clamp is 2mm sintered steel. It worth to attach the lock’s keys to your ignition key. The clamps can’t be removed with hand tools only with cutting force that require heavy tools.

Application for the following trucks: MAN, MERCEDES, VOLVO, IVECO, RENAULT, SCANIA, DAF etc.

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The cylinder lock has protection against sawing, trimming and rust. And has 70mm size, 4 x key.

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